The Blog is Dead … Long live “the Blog”

I have enjoyed blogging at and the “boy named goo” blog. I thank them for their hosting. However, my use of that blog has really dropped off and I see traffic on that site as a whole seeming to do the same.

All that being said, the real reason ;-) to start a new blog on my own site is simply because I wanted to. I hope to be a bit more active here, keep my own bar low  for “blog worthiness” and enjoy writing more for what it is to me: a hobby and a way to process and save my pseudo-random stream of thoughts regarding development, technology and any other thing that comes to mind along the way.

About me

.NET developer in upstate NY, USA
Current focus technologies: WPF, WCF
Intrigued by: Functional programming ala F#, Code Analysis, Math
Hobbies: this blog, go figure

Month List